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What do I need to know about the NDIS?

At AEIOU Foundation, we recognise that the NDIS can be difficult to navigate. So, we're here at every step to assist you with accessing the Scheme, and to answer your questions about how to develop a plan for your child.

Ahead of your NDIS meeting:

The NDIS has suggested a list of things to consider before you start your NDIS journey:

  • Think about life now and into the future
  • Identify strengths, interests, networks, opportunities and challenges
  • Consider current supports including your informal, mainstream and disability supports
  • Collect disability information—this may include existing reports and other information to support an NDIS access request

The best thing you can do when developing a plan for your child is to: 

  • Ask for intensive supports, referencing the report released by the NDIS in 2015 (Roberts, Williams, Smith & Campbell)
  • Ask for a minimum of 20 hours therapy per week, or 960 hours per year (as recommended by the Australian Guidelines for Good Practice 2012)
  • Confirm the length of your child's plan
  • Consider the challenges which are specific to your child, and consider your goals both broadly and specifically, such as:
    • Communication, social skills, self-help skills 
    • Swimming lessons (do you need help to access lessons, in a group or one-on-one?)
    • Resources you may need, such as nappies, mattress protectors, or therapy tools

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