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Therapy & Care

AEIOU is passionate about helping children with autism live their best lives: yes, your focus is our focus. Across early intervention therapies and specialised childcare, everything the team around each child does is focused on supporting their needs and building on their strengths and skills, and supporting their family too.

AEIOU provides children with a minimum of 15-25 hours of autism-specific therapy and education, but each child often receives up to 30 hours per week of this, including developmentally appropriate and skills-building play.

What does a day at AEIOU look like?

In a naturalistic early childhood setting much like daycare, we specialise in helping children develop essential life skills to foster inclusion and prepare them for their next phase of learning, including functional communication and behaviour, play and social skills, and self-care and independent skills (such as toileting, mealtime and transition support).

Each day at AEIOU features early intervention therapies alongside specialised childcare, following the same Early Years Learning Framework as other mainstream childcare centres. Children with autism learn differently to their typically developing peers, so we focus on helping children access pre-academic learning.

Everything we do also has a strong family focus. Each child’s journey is mapped by an individual learning plan and parents receive support to build their own capacity to scaffold their child’s learning, which guides the child’s and family’s goals and supports everyone to best achieve development outcomes.

The team around your child

Our high-quality early intervention therapies and specialised childcare is delivered by a transdisciplinary team of autism specialists, including:

  • Early Intervention Specialists (therapy assistants)
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Behaviour Analysts
  • Allied Health Assistants
  • Early Childhood Teachers
  • Centre Manager

The team around the child all works together to support each child’s individual learning, their early intervention therapies, specialised care and any additional tailored supports.

Our transdisciplinary approach 

The team around your child is made up of staff qualified by a range of therapy and education experience. They all share the responsibility of planning, implementing and evaluating your child’s individual learning plan. They work with you as the family to understand each child’s needs and goals, and they understand how to apply the evidence-based strategies of our curriculum in each child’s learning journey.

So, you might connect with our early childhood teachers who understand how to support behaviour goals in the classroom, or a behaviour analyst who is supporting a child’s speech goal. No matter which member of the team around the child is supporting their goals, they are always supervised and monitored by an appropriate clinician.

Helping children with autism live their best lives

Each AEIOU team member takes great pride in their work and are equally proud of the children they support. In this video, Senior Behaviour Consultant Anna Brodie talks about a special moment working at AEIOU. The team at AEIOU work with children and their families to achieve milestones and individual goals which can take weeks, months and years to realise. When they do, it’s a celebration!


The AEIOU Curriculum

AEIOU is an NDIS-approved service provider for autism-specific early intervention. AEIOU’s service falls into the NDIS category of ‘technical eclectic’: this is an Agency term that means we offer a flexible service structure of a combination of supports in one location.

Instead of using just one method, our curriculum draws from a range of well-researched and evidence-based early intervention models. These strategies include the Early Start Denver Model, VB-MAPP and the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis, which are proven as sound and beneficial.

Learning outcomes from AEIOU's early intervention program

Within one year at AEIOU, our team has seen early intervention for children with autism leading to improved outcomes, where:

  • Over 95% of children have increased their early learning skills
  • 98.5% of children have improved their overall communication skills
  • 96.9% of children improved their fine motor skills
  • 66.7% of children are either fully toilet trained or progressing well with their toileting
  • Increased social skills
  • Increased independence
  • Improved daily living skills

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