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Our corporate, community and philanthropic partners have been part of the broader AEIOU community from the very beginning and, since 2005, we have achieved incredible outcomes by working together.

By partnering with AEIOU Foundation, you can:

  • Lead the way in corporate social responsibility
  • Engage your staff at a grassroots level, enhancing staff morale, teamwork and workplace satisfaction
  • Allow your staff the opportunity to give back to the community in tangible and meaningful ways - through volunteering and participating in AEIOU events
  • Deliver value to your stakeholders and business network

The achievements of our children should be celebrated every day, and we invite you to celebrate these with us. AEIOU gives families hope to imagine what is possible for their child with the power of early intervention.

If you can help, please contact us on (07) 3320 7500 or email today. Thank you.

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