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Assessment Clinic

AEIOU is excited to offer a new Autism-Specific Early Assessment Clinic, designed to support children and families on their journey towards an autism diagnosis. 

There are long waitlists across Australia to assess and diagnose autism. To address this, AEIOU is helping families with clinical insights into their child’s skills, strengths and needs with a new assessment clinic offering reduced-cost Specialised Autism Assessments and clinical reports to support diagnosis for children aged five years and younger.  

Does this sound like you? 

  • You think your child may have autism. 
  • You’re waiting for an appointment with a paediatrician or other clinician to discuss your concerns. 
  • You’d like to gain insight into your child’s skills, needs and strengths prior to commencing prep. 

If you said 'yes' to any of the above, AEIOU's Early Assessment Clinic is for you.

The importance of medical specialists in assessing and making a diagnosis 

AEIOU considers it best-practice when paediatricians manage a final diagnosis. Our specialist team can connect you with a paediatrician if needed, or provide a complete clinical report for your preferred paediatrician to review and assess.  

AEIOU’s clinical report can also be a useful resource to support children entering prep, or while at childcare and kindergarten if a parent or carer has questions relating to their development or needs.

What you’ll get as part of your AEIOU Assessment 

  • A full clinical report with scores   
    • This means you can start your application for funding, and this report will support you with new or existing therapies. 
  • Insight into your child’s skills, strengths and needs 
  • Connections to clinicians and support services if you need them 
  • Reduced delays as part of the diagnosis process   
  • A more affordable diagnostic process   

Please note: Though AEIOU does not provide a diagnosis, a Specialised Autism Assessment provides necessary evidence for diagnosis to a clinician (e.g. paediatrician, psychiatrist, psychologist). They will consider the assessment and report as part of their diagnostic process. 

For more information about autism assessments and diagnosis, we recommend the Raising Children’s Network. 

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